Agile Arizona 2020

Arizona's Virtual Agile Conference

Attend from the comfort of your home or office

Nov 12 & 13 - General Conference (9:30a–3:15p PHX time)
Nov 10 & 11 - Pre-conference Workshops
Nov 3–5 - Certification Courses (CSPO, CAL)
Nov 3–6 - Certification Courses (CSM, ACSM, CSD, ICP-ACC)

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Attend from the comfort of your sofa,
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Nov 12–13 - General Conference
Nov 10–11 - Pre-conference Workshops
Nov 3–6 - Certifications Courses


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40+ national and local Experts,
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Workshops & Certifications

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Pre-conference Workshops or
full Certifications Courses


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Connect at Agile Arizona

Let your keynote speaker Chad Littlefield get you excited on how to connect to REAL people at a VIRTUAL event!

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Melissa Perri - Keynote speaker at Agile Arizona

Chad Littlefield

TEDx Speaker, Author & Creator of We! Connect Cards

Gently eradicating small talk as the co-founder at We and Me, Inc.

Connection before Content

>> Meet Chad! <<

Melissa Perri - Keynote speaker at Agile Arizona

Johanna Rothman

Author, Management Coach & Founder, Rothman Consulting Group

Helping managers and leaders do reasonable things that work.

Lead Your Remote Team to Success: Focus on Principles and Outcomes

Certification Courses

We're proud to announce our training partners and sponsors, who are offering CSM, ACSM, CSPO, CSD, CAL and ICP-ACC certifications at a 25% discount to Agile Arizona conference attendees!

The remote format of the certification courses this year is comprised of 3 or 4 half-day sessions from Nov 3–6.

Click on a coach or course title to find out more about each certification.

Damon Poole

Agile Coach; Founder, Nexxle

Entrepreneur, Innovator and Agile Coach

ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) Course

Lee Henson

CEO & President, AgileDad

Certified Scrum Trainer - Agile Guru

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® (A-CSM) Course

Peter Green

Co-founder, Agile Coach and Trainer, Humanizing Work


Leading Organizational Transformation (CAL-E & CAL-O) Course

Richard Lawrence

Co-founder, Agile Trainer and Coach, Humanizing Work

Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) Course

Rob Myers

Principal Instructor and Coach, Agile for All

Certified Scrum Developer® (CSD) Course

Steve Spearman

Trainer and Agile Coach, Agile For All

Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) Course

Workshop Speakers

Click on the speaker or workshop title for details about each workshop.

Allison Pollard

Agile Coach & Principal Consultant, Improving

Agile coach helping people discover their agile instincts and develop their coaching abilities. Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, foodie, & glasses wearer

Enrolling the organization in bigger change through servant leadership

Jesse Fewell

Author & Principal Coach, Fewell Innovation

On a mission to empower teams, equip managers, and enable executives to unlock the secrets of high performing organizations

Untapped Agility

Judy Rees

Author, Trainer & Coach, Rees McCann Partnership

Transforming conversations, remotely.

Facilitating Engaging Agile Meetings, Online

Mike Vizdos

Trainer & Owner, Vizdos Enterprises

Entrepreneur, Innovator, Author and Scrum Master In Residence at Virginia Commonwealth University

The Pandemic Pivot: Preparing for the Roaring Twenties

Ken Rickard

Agile Coach, Insight - Digital Innovation

Friend of People / Pragmatic Consultant / Principled Agilist

Shifting management out of the Industrial Age, one practice at a time

Richard Kasperowski

High-Performance Teams

Great Teams and Results | Agile | Open Space Technology | Core Protocols | CoderDojo

Building Great Teams: Culture and Core Protocols

Tricia Broderick

Principal, Trainer & Coach, Agile For All

Changing the Way We Manage, Coach, Mentor, and Lead.

Embrace and Resolve Conflict

Zeenat Fadwani

Agile Transformation Coach & Managing Partner, Lean Agile Solution

Enrolling the organization in bigger change through servant leadership

Session Speakers

Click on the speaker or session title for details about each session.

Check back soon for updates on the latest session speakers.

Aanu Gopald

Transformational Coach| Keynote Speaker | Trainer| System Coach | Philanthropist

Happy? Sad? Angry? How to decode and increase positive emotion

Allison Pollard

Helping people discover their agile instincts and develop their coaching abilities

Partnering Up – Giving Leaders the Limelight of Transformation

Amber Vanderburg

Founder of The Pathwayz Group

The Innovation Ninja

Ashley Guttormson

Workiva, Sr. Delivery Manager

Agile Planning: Powered by OKRs

Ashley McDonald

Director of Product at Phoenix's STChealth, a Global Disease Surveillance & Immunization Management Software Company

Positive Disruptions - How Strong Leadership can Transform Urgency & Uncertainty into Team Unity

Christopher 'Cp' Richardson

The Washington Post, Agile Coach

Emergency! Stress Alarm!

Damon Poole

Independent entrepreneur and Agile Coach

The Agile Manifesto as an Agile Framework

Dean Chanter

Data-Driven Business Agility Coach

Demystify Work in Progress Limits

Don Kopstain

Workiva, Delivery Manager

Agile Planning: Powered by OKRs

Glenda Dilts

Associate Professor at Grand Canyon University

Teaching an Agile Mindset

Judy Rees

Consultant, Rees McCann Limited

Larger Web Events That Still Connect

Ken Rickard

National Agile Coach @ Insight - Digital Innovation

The Wait of Scaling Agile

Kim Brainard

Agile Brain Group Certified Scrum Trainer, Virtual Train the Trainer, and Speaker with loads of energy

Reboot virtual collaboration with Liberating Structures

Lee Henson

Certified Scrum Trainer - Agile Leadership Guru

Failure is an Option...

Linda Rising

Patterns, agile, change, and your brain.

How to talk to the elephant

Lizzy Morris

Your Agile Lady

BeardedEagle Executive Coach

How To Skinny Dip through Change Without Getting Caught

Marina O'Connell

Principal of Hope High School, Blueprint Education (CSM & CSPO)

Blueprint Education-All In!

Mark Wavle

National Agile Lead, Insight Digital Innovation (PST, PSM III, CBAP)

Awareness to Act: Unlock Your Influence

Peter Green

Humanizing Work through leadership, systems design, and empathetic listening

Management in Agile

Richard Lawrence

Helping humans to collaborate more effectively w/ other humans to do complex work

Why Choose This Pain?

Rob Myers

Principal Instructor and Coach, Agile Institute

Your Core Four Essential Development Skills

Rob Loy

Director of Non-Degree Programs @ Grand Canyon University

Teaching an Agile Mindset

Sean McKeever

Innovative Product and Business Leader

Ideas to Product Value: A New Product Framework

Steve McCann

Tessellator in Chief at Rees McCann

Larger Web Events That Still Connect

Steve Spearman

An Agile for All Trainer and Coach

Only adopt SCRUM if you want to fail

Sweta Mistry

Multi-faceted Coach & Trainer, passionate about humanizing processes

Mastering your art, shape by shape

Tony Register

Agile Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach

Frost Bite: Who is frozen? The middle or me?

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